Match betting: the guide, how it works, because bookmakers are against it

Match betting is a technique used by many bettors to be able to cash out bonuses without having to lose money deposited into their online account (usually on the first deposit).

La strategia madre da applicare al Betting Exchange

Match betting: how it works

Bookmakers offer bonuses to new registered users for their first deposit (for example 100% on the first deposit up to a maximum of 50 euros), however imposing conditions, starting by betting those sums with a certain risk (in single with higher share at 1.50 or in multiple, always to remain in the field of the most used conditions).

There are bookmakers, such as Bet365 and William Hill who on some occasions (especially big events such as World Cup and Champions) offer bonuses even to old customers.

Bettors who use the match betting technique only bet when the odds are aligned with the bank in Exchange (Betfair or Betflag in Italy), so that the bet can be at zero risk.

Let me explain: depending on the outcome of the sporting event, they will win on the bookmaker and lose on Exchange, or vice versa they will lose on the book and win on Exchange, saving the capital invested.

The concise guide on match betting.

Match betting: example and odds aligned

An easy example: on Pinnacle the odds are at 1.50 and on a Betfair Excnahge platform, the bank (the odds in pink) is at 1.50. In this case you will only lose the commission money (typically 5%) if you were to win in Exchange, but you can cash out the bonus.

More difficult (but not impossible) to do it with multiples (more and more bookmakers require this condition). There are online services that provide their users with spreadsheets that indicate the various bets for each step of the multiple (the important thing that the games are not played simultaneously). An average expert user is able to do it, I do not recommend it to novice users with this technique.

Those who have made good money from match betting have applied this concept to online casino games, considering that the bonuses in this market are very rich.


Match Betting: zero-sum operation (with collection of the bonus)

Betting is a zero-sum operation if the odds are perfectly aligned.

How is it possible to understand when the dimensions are aligned? Generally there are paid tools or online services that indicate the odds for each bookmakers aligned with the Betfair counter and other exchanges.

In the beginning I built my initial bankroll with match betting but today many things have changed, there are less and less bonuses precisely because too many people have applied this system (creating even more online identities and accounts with multiaccounting).

Match Betting: why bookmakers are against it

Very often novice bettors wonder why bookmakers are not in favor of this practice.

If you know even a minimum the functioning of a betting company (and also a marketing company) the answer is easy to understand.

The first deposit bonus is an acquisition cost for bookmakers (who are real commercial marketing companies). For them it is an investment in the hope that the life of the consumer on their site will be as long as possible.

For this reason, there is the initial investment of the bonus, there is the huge cost of advertising on the brand (now in Italy it is only possible to do it comparatively), the cost of personnel and the payment also of the affiliate companies (through CPA and revenues shares).

A punter who withdraws the bonus and makes immediate cash out, running away after a few days (just enough time to unlock the bonus) represents serious damage to the ecosystem and the betting market.

Even in the event that the bettor should lose all the money from his betting account (recovering it on the exchange), the book will exit the operation only apparently with a positive balance, in reality it would be in remittance on all other costs. We only think about the cost of personnel, with the employees who have to manage these promotions.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the financial and liquidity aspect. The deposit level parameter for betting companies is as important as the profitability parameter. Having bettors who make a lot of cash outs (because they are winners) can be an element of serious financial instability.

It is no coincidence that when it comes to match betting, marketing managers in their relationships speak of “abuse” by bettors.

Match betting also eliminates the element of risk from betting (think of the freebet) and becomes dangerous for the dealer. The user can venture and focus on very high shares that could cause financial risk management to be in difficulty.

For this reason it is increasingly difficult to make money with this activity: bookmakers grant less and less bonuses.

The most generous companies are generally those that have to “dopate” their accounts for various medium / long-term business reasons, such as the possible listing on the stock exchange or a future sale.


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